This week I finally used the art department's photo studio at school, and boy am I obsessed. I checked out two Profoto strobes and experimented with artificial lighting. As I moved around and adjusted those lights I'm seeing how much of a difference shooting in a studio can make, and I'm seeing images with a whole new set of eyes. I shot these photos with Darin on a Thursday night after class, and I love how they turned out. Gathering inspiration from Richard Avedon's classic portraits, we tried out some Audrey Hepburn poses. 


Darin has that Hepburn vibe. She channels elegance and femininity and youthfulness. We studied Audrey's fun dance pictures from "Funny Face," and tried replicating the statue-like forms. Images like these remind of me of Eadweard Muybridge's stop motion studies early in the history of photography. I love shooting black and white, as it focuses on the subject and the contrast in form and composition. I can't wait to experiment lots more with fashion portraits as I study the works of photographers like Steven Meisel, Peter Lindbergh, Richard Avedon, and Patrick Demarchelier.


Thanks, Darin, for being so down to strike every crazy pose and play around in the studio with me!