Sophia Liu


is a multi-disciplinary artist, telling stories through photos and design. Originally born in China, and raised in sunny Los Angeles, she now lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Get in touch with me at liu.sophiaa@gmail.com



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My Story

A restless child from the start, I've always been a wild dreamer and lover of the arts. My journey began on a sketchpad. I drew everything I saw, and took classes where I learned to draw a little better. 


I didn't grow up in a artistic family or community. My parents were computer engineers. They didn't know anything about design but knew the importance of the internet and the quickly evolving digital age. When I was 12 years old my dad bought me a book. It was the Photoshop CS2 Bible. He had installed Photoshop on our computer at home and I was intrigued. I spent my days learning to edit photos, playing with composite photos, and creating mixed media artwork.


In high school I picked up a camera and fell in love with photography. With my retouching skills I was able to create photos I'd envisioned. I took pictures of everything, and I loved photographing people.


I went to college for architecture. Since it fused elements of creativity with technical aspects of construction, my parents believed the respectable traditional profession of architecture would be the perfect career path for me. I did internships and tried to do well in my classes. I even studied abroad and did a really cool thesis project. Most importantly I learned to practice the iterative process of design.


I respected architecture, but it didn't feel right. Drafting floor plans and studying construction details weren't fulfilling my creative desires. I picked up minors in photography and film and continued doing photoshoots. I picked up part-time graphic design jobs and dabbled in freelance work. I had to teach myself a lot of stuff, but designing on a digital platform came naturally to me. Somewhere around this time, I started Studio Sophy, where I blogged and shared everything I do and love. Working on this website has made me so happy to be creating and proud of the work I've done.


When I finally graduated with my Bachelor's in Architecture, I was fully set on pursuing commercial and editorial fashion and portrait photography. I packed my bags and moved to New York City. I did an internship and got exposed to the real world surrounded by some of the most creative talented people. I busted my butt trying to make a living, but soon enough, realized this fast-changing ambitious industry was far from my ideal career.


I came back home to California. I settled into the San Francisco Bay Area and started working as a visual designer for a tech startup. I delved into Silicon Valley and the world of UI/UX design, amazed by the new innovative careers the tech world has created. I had initially fallen in love with the web because it gave everyone the chance to create and get their work out in the world. And now, with the intersection of technology and design, there's a flourishing community of designers who are passionate about storytelling, illustration, branding, and visual design. And here I am today, astounded and inspired to work in the digital space doing things I've loved my entire life.


I've hopscotched through so many career paths, but I'm so excited to be where I am. Still figuring things out (isn't everyone?), but unafraid of pivoting my life, evolving, and growing my passion for learning, experimenting, and the creative process. My path may be unconventional, but my skills are eclectic. And I want to do so much more.

Studio Sophy is my creative world. Welcome.