Every time I see these dunes I fall in love all over again.

Test shoots are my favorite, because I get to experiment with new faces and styling. During one of my last weekends in SLO, I met up with Kaitlin from Popi Coast TV at the sand dunes and shot with a couple of different clothing options. I love simple shapes, flowing fabrics, and effortless dresses that bring the look to a whole new level. Kaitlin is gorgeous of course, and with the sun setting over endless mountains of sand and golden rays of light coming from all directions, I happily clicked away.

Shooting girls in swimwear is always a finding a fine balance between making them look flirty and alluring but not overly sexualized. As a woman photographing other women I try to empower them by highlighting their natural beauty. It's a special photographic vision few men have, and I'm glad my models can appreciate that.

I used Capture One (finally!) to edit, and I'm in love with the color mixing capabilities. I can finally control more complex color variations beyond that of Adobe Camera Raw's little sliders and Photoshop's limited Curves options. These images look so much more cinematic and professionally processed than the individual ones I'd edit in Photoshop or the quick batch edits in Lightroom. Can't wait to experiment more! 


I can't wait to play in these dunes again. I'm starting to miss SLO already.


Photography and Art Direction: Sophia Liu

Model: Kaitlin Covarrubias

Assistant: Bailey Smith