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Photography: Model Test Shoots

Photography: Model Test Shoots

Branding & Art Direction: Ashley Chloe Inc

Branding & Art Direction: Ashley Chloe Inc


Photography is my obsession, my favorite creative outlet, my biggest passion. Getting to create photos that showcase the world in the special way I see is like magic. I love to make portraits, showcase dancers, exhibit fashion, capture beauty, and create fine art images that tell stories and inspire.


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I am so inspired by media arts and the digital space. With my experience in graphic and interface design for web and print, I'm currently expanding my skills in frontend web development and UI/UX design. I aspire to become an art director and communicate my visions through all forms of media.

UI/UX Design: Apricot Designs MS6 iOS App

An app for pharmaceutical lab equipment company Apricot Designs' Personal Pipettor that provides a clean and simple graphic interface and user experience design for users to operate the machine via iPad.

Graphic and Web Design: Louise and Eleanor

A revamp of fashion e-commerce website and redesign of homepage graphics site banners, and promotional mailers following brand vision.



Trained in fine art and architecture, creative arts has always made its way into everything I do. I draw, paint, sketch, and experiment with mixed media work. I also dabble in digital illustration and filmmaking.

Flower Girls

The Flower Girl Series is a personal art project. Inspired by whimsical summer flowers and color-changing fall foliage, I played with the idea of nature-inspired gowns, giving life and three-dimensionality to fashion illustrations.


Using Adobe Sketch and Apple Pencil, I simulate various styles of traditional drawing using digital brushstrokes such as watercolor, graphite pencil, acrylic paint, and ink marker to create artwork for freelance projects and personal use.

Architectural Design

Before receiving my Bachelor of Architecture from the nationally-ranked undergraduate program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I completed a humanitarian design thesis project in collaboration with non-profit organization Journeyman International.