This week I got to shoot with Angelina in the studio. Lately I've been studying Vanity Fair portraits taken by none other than legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz. She captures celebrities standing in elegant light and glamorous gowns, exuding a cinematic flair that resembles Classical paintings. Something about those old ladders, apple boxes covered in drapes, spotlight lamps, and antique chaises tell a story of a romantic bygone old Hollywood era with which I'm infatuated. I'm slowly learning to embrace and create rich shadows that add drama, as well as imperfect backgrounds that begin to narrate a subject's setting. Thanks, Angelina, for being so nice to model and helping me make my crazy visions happen.

I've been shooting single-person subjects in the studio for a while now, but I'm starting to plan group shoots, à la Annie, of course. Now off to model scout and find wardrobe and seek stylist/MUA friends and create magic...gosh I love photography.