Jenga Chair


This is an architecture project that deserves a blog post, because I think building things by hand is awesome. In our studio this quarter, Carmen and I teamed up for the Inhabitable Object Project, where we built a prototype of a social chair out of 2x3 dimensional lumber. 

After 3D-modeling our design, we set out to cut the wood and drill holes for a 5/8" threaded rod connection. After lots of wood carrying back and forth from the shop, getting in trouble because I didn't want to use clamps for the drill press, hammering pieces together because darn friction, and sanding away corners that stuck out on the back rest, we completed the construction of our chair to be donated at the AIAS Auction. At auction night, our project stood among my classmates' inhabitable furniture, as well as drawings, photos, and paintings donated by many architecture professors. We contributed to the warm and friendly atmosphere of the night by providing a place to sit,  as groups of friends enjoyed beers and good conversations on our Jenga Chair.

Alas, our chair didn't sell, but I'm glad we still have it, as a reminder of traditional architecture and the craft of woodworking. Actually building your own design is a million times more rewarding than having just digital renderings. I'm looking forward to building bigger and better things!