Carmen, 2016.

Carmen, 2016.

Natural (adj): Being accordance with or determined by nature. Not containing extra substances or anything artificial.

I've always been scared. 

Of not knowing things, not having enough gear, not using artificial lights, not following the rules of proper photography. And so half the time I believe I'm just faking it. I'm not qualified because my camera is almost a decade old, I think to myself all the time. I'm not professional because I don't shoot RAW photos my computer can't handle. I don't own much gear at all and don't shoot outdoors carrying around lights like the pros do. 

But I shoot. I study photographers I love. I know how to see good light. I know how to pose you in flattering ways. I know how to listen to my client's needs. I know how to create a good picture. I never make you wait on me. I experiment. And I know how to keep things fast, so my model is always happy and doesn't tire out. 

And what I've discovered over the past few years, amidst much self-doubt and fear, is my style. I go out and shoot for fun. I love to keep things simple. My gear consists of a camera and a passionate determination to capture something beautiful. I do what comes naturally to me. Because art's art. You don't follow the rules. You listen to your heart, and believe in your vision. And I think that's enough to validate you as an artist.