San Luis Obispo International Film Festival

Guess what? I'm taking a photography class at school! It's been so long since I've learned photography from someone in person, and it's refreshing.

In Advertising Photography class, the photography students collaborate with graphic design students to create ads for our "clients", who happen to be non-profit organizations in San Luis Obispo. One of them is the annual San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, and we have to the chance to create movie posters to be displayed at the festival. This year's theme promotes filmmaking on the central coast. San Luis Obispo County stretches from Big Sur up north down to the dunes by Pismo Beach to the rolling green hills behind Cal Poly to the wineries in Paso Robles.

Our designers Ash and Hailey came up with the idea of spoofing famous movie posters by reenacting them in locations found within San Luis Obispo County. Raymond and I, the photographers, shot Hailey dressed up as Nacho Libre and Star Wars costumes at Poly Canyon and Montana de Oro. Raymond shot the ads with his external lighting gear and I documented some behind the scenes action.

I didn't have time to attend the film festival to see our posters displayed at the premiere, but I'm sure the audience enjoyed a good laugh at our posters. I'm glad we got the chance to collaboratively work on a project at this scale.

The final images: