Jenna in Chiffon, 2017.

Jenna in Chiffon, 2017.

Jenna is one of the most graceful models I've ever had the pleasure of photographing. It was one of those shoots where magic happened.

I love simple shoots with simple setups and props. An octadome, a piece of chiffon, and a fan. And it turned out so beautifully. 

When collaborating with models, I wait for spontaneous moments of magic to happen. We move together in various rhythms—me suggesting something, the model trying out a new pose—and we find the harmony. Working with Jenna was amazing. She moves so beautifully, and I saw this strong femininity in the way she holds herself. Often shooting with male photographers, she loved the unique way I as a woman captured her on camera.

Fashion is great, but sometimes it gets too complicated. I love light and movement, shape and textures. For me it's more than showing off clothes. I want the personality and emotions of the model to come through. And the more I experiment, the more I come back to simple and sleek forms, clean lines, and beautiful natural expressions. 


Huge thanks to Brandon Facon, for saving my butt last minute with technical difficulties so this shoot could happen. And thank you so much Jenna, for collaborating with me, being so patient, and such a pleasure to work with. I can't wait to shoot with you again.


Model/Hair/MUA: Jenna Leos

Styling/Photography: Sophia Liu