Andrea is one of my favorite people to photograph - she's tall, gorgeous, and can dance on her toes like no other. Since our sand dunes beach photoshoot last year, I've wanted to bring her into the studio and work some strobe magic. These photos are all lit with just one Profoto head and softbox. I love the dramatic effect and tonal range of a single light source in a monochrome image.

These are the types of images I'm been dreaming to shoot for years - timeless editorial Vanity Fair-style portraits with a touch of fashion and dance, inspired by photographers I've been studying for years (Annie Leibovitz, Russell James, Sue Bryce, etc...). I'm still working to practice lighting techniques, which I hope to master by the end of the school year. Below is a setup I tried out for the first time - natural window light bouncing off a fill card. Andrea looks radiant in the golden light and her smile makes me smile.