Last weekend, I did a fashion/beauty test shoot with Caroline. I love doing these kinds of photoshoots, where I get to experiment with the model in different style of portraiture. 

I'm obsessed with fashion and styling, and I think what makes my portraits different. I love picking out clothes that fit the mood I'm going for, and shooting fashion that's in style and trendy. The clothes a model wears speaks so much about the person wearing them and the artistic vision behind the photos. And as you can probably guess, this shoot is my aesthetic af. 


Obviously I'm nowhere close to being a professional fashion photographer, but I know how important clothes are on a person. They dictate the mood of a look. Styling-wise, I feel contemporary images are a lot less flashy than they used to be. We're more focused on the subject, and dress them in simple timeless clothes that flatter, not overwhelm. Clean lines, solid colors, breezy fabrics, and simple shapes.

Caroline had the perfect look for beauty and dramatic Victoria's Secret Angels-inspired fine art portraits. We shot with some of her bodysuits, and they pulled the look together.

Thanks, Caroline, for coming in to shoot with me and being so awesome at posing. Can't wait to do this again! :)