A Portrait Study


I shot portraits of Keslyn in the studio the other day, testing out a few different looks and lighting setups. My favorite images always end up being the last few I take, and this shoot was no exception. No matter how much I experiment with editorial/fashion/beauty photography, my sweet spot is always classic, beautiful portraits with simple clothing and a simple one light softbox setup. The quality of light from a large 4x6 softbox is phenomenal. And Keslyn has the perfect fierce supermodel facial expression. 

Above left: This image is my favorite. I never usually go for split lighting, but there's something so painterly and cinematic about the light quality. Rich shadows and the perfect curls of hair. 

I love portraits with a passion. Posing, facial expression, light, styling...these are probably my favorite things in the world.

Huge thanks for Keslyn for coming in to shoot with me. I hope you enjoy these photos! :)