New York Street Fashion


During my time in New York, I was fortunate to shoot with a couple of fashion bloggers. Two of them were Susan of and Hajra.

New York and all its neighborhoods are always so darn photogenic. Soho is always a favorite with its decorated cast-iron buildings, and Tribeca has cool alleyways between beautiful brick structures. The intersections at large avenues (6th and 7th are my favorite) give way to a city streetscape (full of yellow taxis that make every shot), and Greenwich Village has the cutest brownstones and stoops. The piers along Manhattan's western border invite a riverscape and a glimmering skyline. The Upper East Side is clean and opulent, and Central Park has gorgeous pockets of perfectly landscaped greenery. Chinatown at night is full of colorful neon signs and lanterns that brings about a vibe no other place can imitate. New York is so amazing in everything it is, and I'm so lucky to have experienced living here and using it as my artistic playground.

I'm gonna miss it.