Urban Fitness


Ever since I obsessed over ESPN's Body Issue after shooting swim portraits with Dani last month, I'm been itching to shoot athletes and fitness fashion-inspired looks. I met up with Brittin, and spent half hour finding little corners of Cal Poly's concrete clad architecture building to shoot some different poses and actions.

I haven't shot outdoors in a while. I really enjoy not having to set up and move heavy lights and equipment around just to get good lighting. Direct sunlight provides a harsh light source that's perfect for these urban settings. Clean linear backgrounds, crisp shadows, and action frozen in mid-air...I can't wait to shoot lots more in natural light. 

This was one of the easiest shoots I've done in a while. Thanks, Brittin, for leaping and posing so effortlessly (I was able to get each shot I wanted in less than five tries) and basically looking flawless. (Talk about #goals #fitspo)