Castell Dreams


I distinctly remember a Saturday morning in 2011. I was laying in bed scrolling through my iPod Touch, and somehow stumbled across lookbooks on Issuu from clothing company Ruche. Each of these lookbooks, shot by Stephanie Williams of This Modern Romance, featured a new seasonal campaign from Ruche. Every shoot had a theme, and the vintage styling, creative direction, and locations were beautiful. It awakened something in me, and I’ve never been quite the same since. Now, every time I look at a well-executed collection lookbook from Sezane or any other brand with a strong sense of creative direction, I melt on the inside. I am looking at my dream in front of my very eyes.


A few days ago, during our time in Barcelona, we booked a tour for nearby winery. As we sat in the the tasting room waiting for the next glass of red or white, all I could think about was the stairwell I saw on the way into the winery castle. The brick archway, the century-old stairs, the wall textures, the planters - everything was so dreamy. I quickly called my sister over and snapped these shots as the tour guide patiently waited outside.

On the bus ride back into the city, all I could think about was that stairwell. The walls, the dress, the castle’s stone facade. I dreamed about the clothing collection I could shoot. It could be casual linen dresses, espadrilles and straw bags for a Moroccan vacation. It could be a collection of bridesmaid dresses in varying shades of cream and taupe. It could even be a geometric jewelry collection, inspired by the vineyards. I could tell a story of the vintage-inspired lost traveller, finding her way through Catalonia. Or a fairytale romance. Or a story of handmade leather shoes. The possibilities are endless.


You know when people ask you what you’d do with your life if money (and expectations) were no object? It would be this. I would travel the world, find amazing locations, work with amazing creative directors, and shoot beautiful clothing collections.

That is all I want.