Photo by Simon Ng

Photo by Simon Ng

I read an article recently. It's called People Can Sense Bullshit in Your Marketing.

The author discusses how marketing tactics and advertising campaigns on social media no longer works because it's not authentic. All people look for are numbers, not real business. Brands and "influencers" alike are relying on gimmicks over honesty.

People don’t buy what you do but why you do it.
— Simon Sinek

This quote blew my mind. I've never thought about business like that. Many people can produce the same work or create the same product you do. But what makes customers believe you're better than your competitors? It's your authenticity, your "why" behind everything you do. If you offer your services just to make money, your business will suffer. Especially for us artists, if you can show your true passion, people dig that shit. 

Honesty is so important in my philosophy behind my work and everything I aspire to do. My website homepage introduces Studio Sophy as a world of truth, imagination, and dreams. Staying true to myself couldn't be harder at this stage in life, but I'm pushing towards it everyday. I never want my personal brand to sell out, because there's nothing I hate more than gimmicks, and...well, bullshit.