UI/UX Design: Apricot Designs MS6 iOS App

iPadMini MS6 cover x 1600.jpg

MS6 is an app for pharmaceutical lab equipment company Apricot Design's Personal Pipettor that allows users to remotely operate the machine via iPad. I was responsible for designing the app to provide a clean and simple graphic interface that followed brand standards. This app is available on the App Store for iOS devices. 


The app provides a platform for users to write a sequence of actions that control movement of the liquid handling machine. User select from a number of available actions for specific "heads" and "plates" that were to be placed onto the machine stage, and specify how and the distance at which it will move. The design process required me to wireframe the UX flow, starting from the main dashboard page and opening up with a number of settings pages. I chose to keep the graphics simple and concise to best represent the machine and all its configurations including pipette tube depth and three-dimensional directions. I 3D modeled the machine to provide a realistic render, and designed the interface for all settings pages.

Icons play a big role in user experience. I created dozens of icons (seen in pages above) and drawings of all the possible heads and plates that could be selected. I worked with app developers and completed the project within a month.