September Thoughts


It's been one of those pondering weeks. Where despite busyness from traveling, classes, work, and personal life things I've just been thinking a lot and wanting to jot down my messy thoughts to figure things out. And what better place to do that than my blog? Because I really don't have secrets, and this way y'all can keep me accountable. 

So these past few days I've been thinking about online content creators and digital influences and how they go about making "art" and attracting followers. I follow hundreds of fashion/travel bloggers on various social media channels, and over the years have gone through my #herlifeisperfect #iwanttobeher phases. I've allowed myself to be influenced by so many of them but lately have also looked at what they do from a critical perspective. Instagram profiles are people's highlight reels. How many of those lifestyle bloggers have the perfect life they seem to have? I wonder how hard it is for them to live in the moment and enjoy their own lives without feeling the need to maintain their perfect image on the internet. Is it really art if you're just trying to imitate others' ideals of perfection? Do they ever get tired of faking beautiful lifestyles? At what point does one sell out?

Here I am trying to find my own voice in blogging, both visually and through writing. I love to copy the "show everything through rose-colored glasses" approach when it comes to photos. The world looks so darn perfect on Instagram and Pinterest. I mean, that's great and inspiring, but how much of that is true? Are we all just competing with each other to create shutter speed seconds of perfection in the world? To figure out a way to crop out the negative things and make our lives seem grander than it truly is? 

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.
— John Keats, Ode on a Grecian Urn

Every time, before I hit that publish button on a blog post, I reread and edit my writing multiple times and triple check my edited photos, making sure they're perfect. I start doubting what I have. If that too much text in one block? Is this picture too ugly to be included? Did I write too much?

I do think I'm starting to find my own voice. Maybe I do write too much if you compare me to other bloggers. But I have my own unique voice, and I want to express it. When traveling, I love learning about the history and documenting everything in journal form. I like to study things in depth and write about them. That's the way I process things in my head and the way I plan to blog about them. I want to show true beauty, something that goes beyond the surface of nice hair, fancy clothes, and lavish vacation resorts. 

Welcome to Studio Sophy, a world of truth, imagination, and dreams. I'm happy you're here.