Back to School

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Since I’ve been out of school, I’ve learned more real world stuff than I’ve ever wanted to. I’ve learned how to find a job, how to interview, and how to be an individual contributor at work. I’ve learned how to live on my own, how to budget, how to eat healthy and maintain a balanced lifestyle. I’ve learned how to see things from my parents’ points of view, how to support friends through life changes, and how to give more in my relationships. I’ve also read books, watched videos, and found ways to learn about hobbies like cooking & baking, playing guitar, yoga, and nutrition.

Too caught up in the day to day and trying to be better at a thousand different frivolous hobbies, I’ve lost track of where I want to grow my career and the dreams I had as a wide-eyed youth of being a crazy successful entrepreneur / mogul / girlboss. And I’ve found myself itching to learn beyond what YouTube videos could teach me.

So I signed up to take business classes at my local city college, and I’m starting Monday. It’s not the biggest life change, but it’s another challenge I’m getting ready to take on - balancing my time as a full-time working professional and part-time student. I want to learn the MBA skills while gaining work experience, and juggle my personal life while working towards my academic and professional goals.

So that’s back to school for me.


Live everyday like you’re Elle Woods after Warner told her she wasn't smart enough for Law School.