August Thoughts: Patience and the Law of Attraction

The view from my Hoboken apartment. How lucky I am to come home to this every night, to the sight of my dreams right outside my window. 

The view from my Hoboken apartment. How lucky I am to come home to this every night, to the sight of my dreams right outside my window. 

Hello from New York City! I'm so thrilled to finally be here to start my career in this magical, exciting city. Moving to New York has been my dream for the last 3+ years, and I've told everyone I know "This is where I want to be after graduation. I don't know what I'll be doing, but I want to do it in New York." And thanks to the Law of Attraction, and the overwhelming amount of support from my friends and family, I'm finally here.

But now what?

I'm working full-time, doing an internship I love, for a renowned photographer I respect so much, with really cool co-workers. But I'm not getting paid, so it's not a job. And that raises concerns. Not just for me, but for my family members, who don't understand why. Every time we talk, they make me feel ashamed I don't have a real job, that I'm just "wasting" my time and money here in New York. They don't understand that this is how I plan to start my career.

For my generation, a career is more than a job, and a life is more than just a career. I'm not just here to work. I'm here to live, experience independence and life on my own, and grow to become the woman I want to be. To make mistakes, learn, make friends, and enjoy my youth and freedom. I'm choosing a life that's completely my own, and I think that's so special. Rather than following a set path, I'm going into a career that makes no promises but gives me all the options in the world for me to create a unique, fulfilling, meaningful life for myself. 

But that's all big talk. Making a free life requires so much work on my part. Some daily reminders:

  • Your first job does not determine your future. Nor is it what you'll end up doing forever.
  • You've had such good luck getting everything you've ever wanted. It just takes time and a bit of patience. So keep working hard, because luck favors the prepared.
  • So, so much can change in a year. Would the Sophia from a year ago ever have guessed where you are now? 
  • Anything is possible. :)
  • Focus on making the next 24 hours the best 24 hours they can be. Because that's all you can really control.
  • You know you had to move away from home to succeed. You had to get away from the doubters and the comfort-induced laziness.
  • You're freaking 22. People don't make it until their 30's. BE. PATIENT.
  • The Law of Attraction: Thoughts become words become actions, which become reality. Don't be afraid to envision everything you've ever dreamed of. It'll come your way. 

Goals for the next few months:

  • Network!!! And tell people what it is you want to do.
  • Make friends.
  • Find a job or something that'll sustain your New York life long term.
  • Go on photoshoots, as many as possible.
  • Ask questions, nonstop.
  • Move into a permanent place to live, preferably with friends.
  • Cook for yourself, for real.
  • Go out more. Take advantage of everything this beautiful amazing city has to offer.
  • And find your way to New York Fashion Week, somehow. Because why not live out your dreams?

I choose to believe life is a journey. Its thrill is in the adventure, the climb, not the destination. And here I am just starting mine. I have no idea what's next, but I'm willing to take on the adventure.