Four Years at Cal Poly Corporation

As I'm nearing the end of my college career I'm reflecting on the work I did over the course of my time here at Cal Poly. Cal Poly Corporation has been a huge part of my time here, so here's a fun blog post about the longest job I've ever had. Let's start from the beginning...


It was a very tortilla-filled and orange-colored sophomore year. Graveyard shifts that ended at 1am because that was the only shift that fit into my schedule, and crazy busy Friday dinner rushes to feed hungry freshmen with their leftover meal points. Much love to co-workers and visiting friends for keeping me sane. (Most of the time.) I'll never forget the glorious taste of a flour tortilla fresh out of the tortilla machine. 


The next year, I joined Cal Poly Corporation's marketing department. Only self-taught in graphic design, I was grateful for the opportunity to design ads for Campus Dining and University Store, learning Illustrator along the way. I created colorful ads every week, and worked with photographers and motion graphics artists to make these fun posters come to life under Nikki's guidance. Click here to see more of my work for Red Radish


When I came back to school after my quarter abroad, I returned to the marketing team to become the in-house photographer. These past two years I photographed products and ads for University Store, food and events for Campus Dining, and any other photos were needed for newsletters, digital and print ads, pamphlets, website updates, social media campaigns, and magazines. I've gotten the chance to shoot multiple magazine insert covers (see above), and learn all about the commercial side of photography. 

In addition to styled and product shoots, I also did lot of event photography for Campus Dining. The most memorable events would be Cal Poly's annual Green and Gold Gala.

Speaking of Green and Gold gala, I actually worked as a waiter at that event my freshman year before I even knew what Cal Poly Corporation is. Here's a candid of me from that event, doing what I do best. 🍕

Back to photography. Getting to shoot food is also super fun! So many colors and textures and deliciousness. Here are some dishes by Cal Poly chefs I got to shoot and taste afterward (the best part)!

Some more tearsheets from ads and using my photos, because who doesn't love to see their work published?

Dear Nikki, Kara, Ellen, marketing co-workers, and Tacos To Go crew,

Thank you for allowing me to work with you these past few years, and giving me a sense of purpose throughout my time here at Cal Poly. I know to many people work may just be work, but getting to exercise my creativity every week and seeing the results of my hard work on display is so motivating as an artist and young adult starting my professional career. Just a few years ago, I never would've dreamed to be doing cool things like attending galas, watching graduation from the president's box, photographing fancy food, scouting pretty locations, shooting at the beach in the middle of a school day, or making giant posters. I can definitely say I have one of the most fun jobs on campus. So thank you all, so much, for making my time here at Cal Poly infinitely rewarding.

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