You look both ways, and run across the empty small road. An unassuming small pathway lies ahead of you, and you run through the cleared path as you keep an eye on the setting sun. You catch a glimpse of water ahead and wind your way through the radiant green bushes of somebody’s backyard. You feel like you’re trespassing, discovering a secret only the locals know.


The sun waves farewell with its last ray of gold, and you arrive at the foot of the most tranquil scene, a strip of sand stretched out across the way and ahead in the distance, the dim blue line where sky meets sea.


A heavenly sea, calm but restless, ebbing and flowing softly upon the shores of sand so powdery soft they feel like pillows between your toes. The water is clear, a subdued blue that reflects the effervescent clouds above. You slowly splash your way into the tide and the water is cold, but the beauty of it takes your breathe away.


Two islands sit in the distance, like guardians of the snorkelers and beachgoers, blissfully watching you leap across shallow aqua waters smiling at the sight of ripples emerging with every step.


The crystal clear waters are pristine, carrying the snorkelers around slowly and lightly tickling your feet. The windward side of Oahu has stolen your heart. The moon appears above you, signaling you to go home.


You take one last look at the landscape before you. Quiet perfection. Pure bliss.