Studio Sophy Turns Three


Studio Sophy is three!

Two years ago I wrote this blurb, and my feelings and beliefs about this website haven't changed. Studio Sophy is an extension of my heart and soul, documenting my life as a series of artistic endeavors. It's some of my proudest work and tells the story of the journeys that have shaped me into who I am.

New year, new refresh

What better way to celebrate than a remodel? I present Studio Sophy 3.0, complete with a new interface, new index landing page, and new template (with parallax!). My old navigation categories are back, and pages are a lot more condensed (aka more scroll, less click). "Blog" is now a blog summary, which makes categories easy to scroll through, and the /about and /contact pages have been combined. All the photos in /photography are now clickable and link to their respective blog posts. I plan to refine the /design and /creative pages some more, but most importantly, I plan to create more art! I'm also learning HTML/CSS and slowly incorporating code into my template. I feel like I have so much more control over exactly how I want things to look. Developer mode, here I come...soon!

Onto new year, new skills, new work, and much more creative freedom. Done is better than perfect.