Muir Woods


A walk in nature walks the soul back home.

This past weekend I got to experience the magical enchanted forest that is Muir Woods National Monument. One of my New Year's resolutions is to escape into nature at least once a week, and what better way to explore the beauty of my new home, the Bay Area, than set foot in a breathtaking sanctuary of majestic redwoods? 

The close proximity of Mill Valley to San Francisco draws large crowds, so we came early on the last weekend before reservations were required to visit. It was a perfect sunny morning, and the trails were pristine, peaceful, and serene. We started at the visitor's center, continued along the boardwalk, and branched off to hike the Alice Eastwood Trail. Heavily wooded areas, campground clearings, and a tranquil stream greeted us along our walk.

The thousand-year-old coastal redwoods and Douglas Firs towered above us, stopping us every few minutes to look up and admire the beauty of living and fallen trees in every direction. Blackened cavities at the base of many redwoods reveal past fires, and burls show signs of new growth life in this amazing complex ecosystem. Sword ferns, mosses, and redwood sorrel blanket the forest floor. The forest is dense but when pockets of sunshine burst through the canopies, the view is magic. It was the Avatar world come to life. 


What a perfect place to unwind, disconnect from the world, spend time with loved ones, exercise, touch moss, take photos, and meditate. Looking forward to many more adventures in the beautiful Bay Area.