Branding and Identity


Building the brand

The founders of a technology company asked me to redesign their logo and brand identity. I developed a visual language that exemplifies innovation and creativity while maintaining corporate professionalism.

studio-sophy-Artboard 14.png

Blue is a classic color that symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and intelligence. My clients insisted on blue, but wanted to add a little something different. I chose to use gradients.

studio-sophy-Artboard 16.png

For the logo design, I sketched a handful of variations that would fit with the wordmark.


My clients wanted something that was less vector-based, more unique and distinctive enough to stand on its own. 

studio-sophy-Artboard 16.png

I hand sketched a "T" composed of three abstract petals. They thought this design captured the essence of the brand — a symbol that was one of a kind.


Finally, we worked on the colors. I presented the design in both blue and green, a similar but more refreshing color palette. We also finalized the placement of the logo with the wordmark.